Winter Dog Grooming Tips

Winter requires a slightly different approach to grooming for your dog due to the winter weather. Cold temperatures, the chemicals used for ice and snow and the different surfaces during the winter are all factors when it comes to properly grooming your dog during the winter months. Whether they are a puppy or older dog here are a few quick tips to follow this winter!

  • Summer months require shorter hair so dogs are not over heating, therefore don’t clip or share you dog during the winter. More fur, more warmth!
  • The cold temperatures and massive amounts of snow we have received so far this winter require pets to be inside more! Trim you dogs nails so you protect your indoor surfaces.
  • Waterless shampoo is great for the winter so you don’t have to wait until your dog is dry before they have to go out!
  • Salt, sand and ice can really hurt your dogs feet so take a minute to look at the pads of their feet for signs of cracking or irritation. A pet-specific foot balm will help condition the pads.

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