What’s The Best Dog Chew Toy?

When it comes to your dog’s power to destroy toys, don’t underestimate them. A large number of toys say they’re “indestructible” and it’s easy to fall for persuasive sales. The chances of a toy being indestructible when it meets the teeth of a drooling pup, are very slim.

Toys to Avoid:

Plush & Stuffed Toys – These toys may seem very cute and are definitely cheap, but there’s a reason for it. They won’t last longer than a day. There is no durability in plush and stuffed toys, and they can potentially pose as a choking hazard for your pup. Dog’s can easily swallow and choke on the stuffing, not to mention the squeaker that is stuffed into most plush dog toys.

Toys to Use:

Rope Toys – Rope-style chew toys are always your best bet, as they are extremely durable. They can withstand vigorous chewing, which can also be great for cleaning your dog’s teeth. When choosing one, look for cotton rope toys. These are usually exceptionally thick and have a very tough durability.

Extremely Durable Chew Toys:

Kong Extreme Dog Toy – These are perfect for dogs who are excessive chewers. It is made from carbon Ultra-Flex which is extremely puncture-resistant. They’re non-toxic and can be stuffed with treats in order to keep a pup busy for a long period of time, to slow down their eating time, or to help ease separation anxiety.

Kong Wabba Toy – These are perfect for dogs who love a game of “tug-and-toss” at the park. When you toss the toy, your pup fetches it and brings it back, where you can then use it to play a game of tug-o-war. It is covered in very tough nylon for durability, and it comes in a variety of colors and sizes; so all dogs can try it out!

Kong Goodie Bone – These are shaped like a bone and made of very strong, non-toxic, natural rubber. These bones can also be stuffed with treats in the patented “Goodie Grippers” in order to keep your pup busy or slow down their eating habits.

Jolly Ball – This toy is a ball made of non-toxic Polyethylene plastic, surrounding a heavy duty rope. They’re durable enough to be kicked, thrown, chewed, and tugged on. They won’t deflate when punctured and they even float!

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