Top 5 Well-Behaved Dog Breeds

Golden Retriever


It’s hard to find a person who would not enjoy interacting with golden retrievers. The dogs of this breed are not only well-behaved, they’re extremely complaisant. Retrievers are so genial that their presence is thought to comfort people, relieve stress and eliminate aggressive behaviors. Golden retrievers are great with feeling and understanding other people’s mood. They are real companions, who want to be helpful and cooperative at all times. With other animals, it’s extremely rare to see retrievers get into conflict. These characteristics are what made golden retrievers one of the most common therapy dog breeds.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


King Charles spaniels are usually quite bright, playful and easy to train with the lure-reward method. This small spaniel breed is highly sociable and loves attention. More than anything, they enjoy hanging out with their owners. Cavaliers are so friendly, patient and delicate, they have an ability to adapt to a personality and a lifestyle of their owner, as well as to other pets in the house. However, King Charles spaniels feel more comfortable living in large families where they’re rarely left alone. It’s important to remember, that lack of attention can have serious consequences for cavaliers, including sleep disorders and separation anxiety.

Bernese Mountain Dog


One of the kindest and bravest breeds, Bernese dogs are great companions. They are fairly energetic but calm and peaceful, playful and protective at the same time. Bernese are devoted to their owners and enjoy the company of kids. Historically, this breed dates back to over a thousand years ago, as they were originally trained to help shepherds in the Alps. Many generations later, they still respond enthusiastically to training. Bernese are surprisingly peaceful to other pets and are frequently used as therapy dogs.



One of the largest (~150 pounds) yet one the most family-friendly dogs, Newfoundlands are patient, loving, calm and well-behaved. Despite their size, they are very friendly to other pets in the house. These dogs aren’t usually very active but they do enjoy swimming. Newfoundlands thrive on having a sense of purpose, which is why they are very responsive to obedience training. They are very sensitive to raising voice and criticism, and aversive training methods must never be used with the dogs of this breed. Training Newfoundlands with kindness and tenderness can make them great friends and lifeguards.

Border Collie


British scientists conducted a research about the highest brain activity among different kinds of dogs, and Border Collie was found to be the most intelligent breed. Training these dogs is extremely easy, as they can remember the commands after the first time. These collies are so responsible that some people don’t hesitate to have them babysit children. These dogs are extremely kind, adaptive, energetic and even perspicacious, with a genetic instinct of a herdsman.

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