We offer private lessons at your home for dog obedience training and behavioral problems. See what areas we serve here!

Each private lesson is $115 an hour. We offer the following programs as a special package at a discounted rate:

StarBullet_1Leader of the Pack 101 – $550

This package is a five-week program that teaches all of the basic commands of sit, down, stay, heel, etc, and covers any behavioral problems your dog might have, such as jumping or nipping.  This program recommended for puppies and adult dogs that do not know basic commands and need to start from scratch.

StarBullet_1 The Right Start Package – $170

A 90-minute course for first-time dog owners that want to get off on the right paw.  We will cover feeding, grooming, training, puppy behavioral problems, socializing, health problems, and much more.


 Back to Basics Course – $330

A three-session course designed for dogs that know the most basic commands but don’t listen to their owners consistently.  If your dog is adopted, this course will be extremely helpful in getting him or her to listen to you as their new owner.


Obedience with Distractions Course – $550

This is a five-session course that is designed for dogs that know basic commands but need to learn to obey them under various distractions.

StarBullet_1Heeling Course – $330

This course is for dogs that know their basic commands but does not heel.  This is a three-session program where the trainer explains various heeling methods and equipment that is best suited for your dog.  Your dog will learn basic heeling commands, as well as advanced commands, such as automatic sit, turn, and speed commands.

StarBullet_1Housebreaking Program – $220

This two-session course is ideal for owners housebreaking their new puppy or owners that want to get off on the right foot and practice good behavior from the start. We will discuss various housebreaking methods and which fits best for your lifestyle.