Prevent Your Dogs Dehydration

With the summer heat here dog owners need to be more aware of their dogs water intake and the signs of dehydration.  Here is something you might not know about your dog: they can lose 50 percent of  muscle or body fat and survive, but losing just 10% of water weight could be more dangerous! Dehydration can set in within 18 to 24 hours so pay attention to the following signs of dehydration:

  • They are tired or sluggish
  • Has sunken eyes
  • Shows a loss of appetite
  • Has dry, sticky gums
  • Seems depressed

Tips to prevent dehydration during the Summer heat:

  • Your dog should drink at least one ounce of water per pound of body weight every day.
  • Untouched water can grow bacteria so clean and refresh water bowl daily
  • Watch your dog’s water intake by filling his bowl to the same level every day.
  • Get a water bowl that is hard to knock over.
  • Take water for your dog when you’re traveling or exercising.
  • During warmer weather, make sure your dog rests and rehydrate after being outdoors.
  • A dog’s breath is six percent moisture, so don’t ignore hydration in colder months.
  • Be especially careful if your dog is older, diabetic, pregnant, nursing, has had diarrhea or vomiting, or suffers from an illness.

Keep an eye on the H20 to keep your dog happy and hydrated.

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