Packing Your Doggy Bag

With the good weather coming soon many of us will be making trips with our pets. Leader of the Pack Dog Training has some helpful suggestions to make that trip easier for both of you!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Always take enough food for the duration of the trip plus 2 extra meals in case a problem arises that prolongs your trip.
2. Consider taking bottled water for your dog to minimize stomach upsets.
3. Pack your pet’s medication.
4. Locate the nearest 24-hour emergency clinic at your destination and keep the phone number and directions in a safe place.
5. Place a tag with your cell phone number or another number you can be reached (campground, hotel, etc) on your dog’s collar.
6. Pack copies of your pet’s license number, rabies certificate, and other vaccination records.
7. Bring along current photographs of your dog in case your dog gets lost.
8. Your dog will enjoy a favorite toy, bed or something from home to decrease travel anxiety.

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