How to Choose the Best Dog Food for Your Pup

A dog often requires just as much attention as a little kid. Our beloved four-legged friends can’t take care of themselves independently, which is why it’s our responsibility to provide them with proper nutrition and timely healthcare. To avoid health problems and malaise, it’s essentially important to select the best kibble for your dog. Most chows available on the market have a great compound of vitamins and additives needed for your puppy’s growth and development.


The list of ingredients in most affordable kibble consists of cereals, soy, by-products and waste materials from meat, poultry and fish processing industries. This chow won’t provide the dogs with all needed nutritional elements, which is why they would crave for larger servings. If a dog eats this kind of kibble on a consistent basis, it will affect their appearance and health.


The premium dog food is made of higher quality meats with the vitamin additives. This type of kibble is usually designed with consideration for specific breeds and different ages to fulfill the nutritional needs of each individual pup. Indeed, the quality of such chow is exceptional, and the high price pays off with slower consumption.


To choose the best meal plan for your tail-wagger, look for the best proportions of proteins, fats, and carbs in the ingredients list. Make sure to select the kibble made with beef, pork or chicken. Keep in mind, there should be no less than 25% of cereals and vegetables in your dog’s diet. Additionally, wheat germs and seaweed extracts, as well as complexes of vitamins and minerals, will improve your puppy’s immune system. Avoid universal kibble and try picking something for your dog’s age specifically, as the needs of your friend can change over the years.

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