Group Classes

New puppy or unruly dog?

At Leader of the Pack Dog Training, we offer various classes to help your dog become better behaved. Our group classes are five weeks long and cost $200.
These classes are held at Leader of the Pack 134 West Elm Ave. Quincy, MA


Basic Obedience Class:

This class offers the ability to teach your dog the commands sit, down, come, drop it, heel, stay, and much more.  We will also teach various approaches on solving problematic behavior including mouthing, jumping, and chewing.  We will establish that you are dominant and the leader and the dog is subordinate as the follower.

Second Level Obedience Class:

This dog training class focuses on training your dog to behave under various distractions, such as sound, movement, and objects.  It is recommended that your dog already knows the basic sit, down, stay, and come commands before taking this class.

View our blog for more information about the next available group dog training sessions held at Leader of the Pack 134 West Elm Ave. Quincy, MA.