Next Group Class Session Starts on Monday, January 9th!

Leader of the Pack’s next group class session starts on Monday, January 9th!


With our group class sessions, we offer two different levels of classes. Which class you take depends on what level of obedience you are looking for to teach your pup. You can choose from our basic obedience class, or our obedience with distractions class.

7 PM: Basic Obedience Class

Our basic obedience class teaches your dog commands such sit, come, stay, down, heel and drop it. This class also helps teach them various approaches to problematic behavior, such as biting and jumping. Does your pup have a bad habit of chewing on your shoes or jumping on visitors? Then this class is perfect for them! We will help your dog understand that you are the leader and your dog is the follower.

8 PM: Obedience With Distractions

As a more advanced class, obedience with distractions focuses on training your dog to behave during various distractions such as sounds, movements, and objects. We do recommend that your dog already knows the basic commands of sit, come, stay, down, heel and drop it.

In addition to group training sessions, we also offer many private in-home, one-on-one training classes. This includes lessons on basic commands, how to house-train your new puppy, heel courses and more!

Sign up for our January class session, or a private lesson here!

Contact Head Trainer Ida Lyons Geering at 1-617-296-1711

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