February Dog Training Classes

The January classes are wrapping up and we can’t wait to see our new students! Starting Monday February 10th, mark your calenders! SIGN UP by filling out a form or CALL 617-296-1711

We offer two types of classes so you can decide which class best fits your dogs behaviors best.

The Basic Obedience class will begin at 7pm and offers the ability to teach your dog the commands sit, down, come, drop it, heel, stay, and much more.

The Obedience with Distractions will begin at 8pm and focuses on training your dog to behave under various distractions, such as sound, movement, and objects.

Both classes are 5 weeks long and held at the Knight of Columbus in North Quincy. Call Head Trainer Ida Lyons Geering at 1-617-296-1711 for questions about the classes or signing up!

Watch this video and see what you and your dog can accomplish with ida!


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