2 dog paws“I brought home the cutest 9-week old Boston terrier puppy. Shortly after, he turned into the devil. I signed up for the 5 private lessons package because I realized we needed private attention. She came to my condo promptly each time. I scheduled at my convenience, leaving a long period between my 4th and 5th sessions.

Ida diagnosed my puppy son with dominance, very rare at that early of an age. I had diagnosed him with asshole, and it seemed I was right. She taught me how to show him I was the boss and get him in line. She also taught him all the important commands and gave me homework to strengthen those commands between lessons.

She truly got into my dog’s head and turned him into a wonderful companion. He is now 8 months old and my best friend. I still call Ida here and there for other problems I have like housekeeping or barking. She suggested a bell he could ring to tell me when he needs to go out and now he uses it every time. I have suggested several friends use Ida. She is a miracle worker.”

-Molly R.


“We learned effective tools and techniques to get a better handle on our very active Australian Cattle Dog.  Leader of the Pack’s approach is positive and realistic.   Positive in the sense that she doesn’t use choke collars or do any shock treatments!  The focus is picking a word that you assign to certain behaviors and train the dog with treats and praise to understand what you want them to do.  Realistic in the sense that she understands that your dog is your pet and part of your pack, and though you need to become the leader of your pack, as owners we weren’t scolded for wanting our dog on the couch or to sleep at the bottom of the bed or to give them love–just make them earn it first with a few quick commands.

All around, it worked out great!  We did 4 sessions and we really feel we have better control over our dog and our pack is happier because of it!!!”

-Megan Spearin


“Ida helped me train my high energy, intense shepherd/husky mix. Tache is such a good listener now and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks, Ida!”

-Lexxy Weglowski


“We have two stubborn french bulldogs that badly needed basic training. We signed up for the Leader of the Pack 101 at-home class with Ida. She was extremely helpful and taught us all of the basic commands along with some other tips and tricks. She also took the time to work with each dog individually, knowing that they had different personalities and learning styles.

We really appreciated Ida’s patience and hard work. Our dogs are not puppies (~3 yrs old) so there were a lot of bad habits to break. We feel so much more confident knowing we have more control over the dogs. They are much more obedient now and are even getting along! We highly recommend this class, especially to those who think it may be too late for formal training.”

-Katie O.