4 Awesome Ways Your Pup Can Save Your Life

1. Dogs make you happy and help with reducing stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that dogs are very aware of your emotions that they sometimes even mimic your behavior. Doctors have recommended dogs as cures to depression because they are great for changing your bad mood and getting rid of the blues!

2. Dogs’ noses are way more sensitive than ours and its has been known that they may even be able to discover cancer cells because of their scent. Some studies involving people with lung or breast cancer showed results that dogs can distinguish biochemical markers of cancer just by sniffing someone’s breath.

3. If you are diabetic a dog may be able to help detect when your blood sugar is low. Here is another example of how their keen sense of smell can detect health issues!

4. Dog owners tend to exercise more than people without dogs, people with dogs have also been found to have lower blood pressure; plus, dog owners with heart problems seem to live longer than people who have the same heart problems—but no dogs.

Give your dog a big hug because they could be the reason for your long lasting life!

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