3 Important Things to Know About Dog Vaccination

While being a crucial requirement for dog owners, dog vaccinations play an important role in ensuring your friend’s health and wellness. Most vaccinations are designed to prevent common dog infections and illnesses, including rabies, parvovirus enteritis, and others.


The first thing to remember about dog vaccination is ensuring that your dog is 100% healthy when receiving a shot. This is the reason why a veterinarian always performs a thorough health examination prior to vaccinating a dog. Depending on the type and manufacturer of a vaccine, a vet will create an individual prophylactic vaccination schedule. These vaccinations will include protection from parainfluenza, hepatitis, viral enteritis, rabies, and leptospirosis.


The second aspect to keep in mind when it comes to your puppy’s vaccinations is proper preparation. Two weeks in advance of a shot, deworming and treatment against fleas and ticks needs to be performed. During this period, try to minimize your dog’s contact with other dogs and people.


Finally, the third fact to remember about is that if you’re planning on breeding your dog, make sure to give them a shot two or three months before breeding. Otherwise, there’s a probability of birth defects.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact and ask Leader of the Pack certified dog trainers. Ida has plenty of knowledge and experience as it pertains to dog’s well-being and overall behavior.


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